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The ceremony of the first unit for shipment under the project of the 600 MW WTGS export to US by Shenyang Lucky Wind Power Equipments Co., Ltd.  

Date: 2010-9-30

    SHENYANG, China, 10:18 AM Sep.29-- in this golden autumn of September with bouquets of flowers, under the fluttering colored flags and in the deafening sound of gongs and drums, after nearly one year’s preparation and production, the grand ceremony of the first unit for shipment under the project of the 600 MW WTGS export to US by Shenyang Lucky Wind Power Equipments Co., Ltd. is held at the Shenyang Lucky Wind’s facility, as a gift to the 61st anniversary for the National Day cerebration.
    The US 600 MW WTGS project located in west Texas, is co-developed by the three parties of Shenyang Power Group ( SPG), US Renewable Energy Group (US-REG) and Cielo Wind Power LP (Cielo Wind).
    Not only did this project obtain the approvals from the main departments of the relevant Chinese national ministries and commissions, and the earnest cares and active supports by the provincial and municipal governmental leaders, but it also won the vigorous supports from different levels of US governments, department of Energy, department of treasury and USW. On Oct. 29, 2009, SPG,US-REG and Cielo Wind jointly established a joint venture SSE and signed a joint venture framework agreement with a proposal plan to co-develop the 600MW wind farm in Texas. According to this agreement, Shenyang Lucky Wind, the wholly-owned subsidiary of A-Power company, was designated to be the wind turbine generator sets WTGS manufacturer to supply 300 units of 2.05 MW W93 WTGS with an export volume of above US$ 1.5 billion. Currently this project is progressing in an ordered way with the completion of the preliminary design for the wind farm, including the design for the connecting network, power transmission & transformer, wind turbines layouts and the infrastructure as roads, the land lease for the wind farm, and etc. The successful shipment of the 1st unit will greatly promote the progress of this project.  
    Founded in Jul. 2007, Shenyang Lucky Wind Power Equipments Co., Ltd. was located in the Hunnan National Hi & New-tech Industrial Park in Shenyang city--China’s equipments manufacturing base, with a registered capital of US$ 99.8 million and a total investment of US$ 320 million. Besides its products, the company could also provide such services to its domestic and overseas clients as the survey, design and connecting to grid for the wind farms, and the design & consulting on the wind turbine sets.
    In application of the innovative concepts, the 2.05MW W93 WTGS in comparison to other WTGS, could respond the environmental changes rapidly, adjust its operating status in a more timely and accurate manner, smoothly transit to a stable, reliable and efficient operating status; its innovation of unit design has saved large amounts of subsequent maintenance & repair costs for its clients; the high-efficient variable pitch system will reduce the fatigue load and improve the safety coefficient for the operation at the same time.        
    In addition, this type of WTGS for the 1st time has introduced certain state-of-art & most advanced technologies in the world such as super-elastic bushing, thermal field wind power sensing, monitor on lighting-protection modules, passive detection & self-extinguishing and CDS fault detection & diagnosis. The company will bring to market a WTGS product with stable performance, high wind power conversion rate, advanced technology and in line with the characteristics of the global wind resources, which will also lay a solid foundation for the smooth execution of its US project.  
    The successful shipment of the 1st unit will fill in the gap of exporting wind power equipments to US by Shenyang equipments manufacturing industry, and in turn the successful execution of this project will be promoting the development of China’s green economy, spurring a closer cooperation between the two nations’ energy sectors and further driving the development of the energy-related industries in the two countries.
    Leaders and guests attending this ceremony include: deputy mayor of Shenyang municipal government Mr. Yang Yazhou, deputy consul of US consulate to Shenyang Mr. William A. Mc Cue, deputy director of Shenyang Hunnan new district administrative commission Mr. Lin Haibo, director of Shenyang economic & trade representative office in US Ms. Yang Zhuo, chairman of SPG Mr. Lv Jinxiang, vice president of US REG in China Ms. Wang Jingyan, GM of Shenyang Lucky Wind Mr. Wang Yunbo.  


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